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Anything for Alzheimer's Unique Event

Barb on the right before the jump
Barb on the right before the jump

Barb's Jump For Alziehmers!

Barb was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease almost four years ago. And although this was news that was not welcoming to her and her family, she chose to not let it stop her from living her life or carrying out her dreams.

Barb turned 69 on August 16th, 2017, and one of her bucket list dreams since she was a little girl was to sky dive!! So this year with the help of her daughters, the support of her husband and her best friend Dorothy taking the jump with her, she embraced her birthday by jumping out of a plane!! Her family and friends looked up in amazement as she made this couragous jump (with the help of her Tandom Sky Diving guide). Once she grounded herself back on land, the look of satisfaction and elation on her face was very inspring to see. Barb wants to share her experiance with others who may suffer from the same disease or know someone that does, and to let them know it's never too late to live out your dreams whatever they may be. If you have the help and support of either family or friends, don't be afraid to empty your bucket list.

Barb has lost quite a bit over the last 4 years, primarily the abilty to speak and read, these were two things that she loved to do! The loss of communication has become an everyday struggle for her, and I know she misses being able to have a back and fourth conversation with all people alike. As well reading a good book had been one of her most favourite past times since she was very young. Prior to her diagnosis she was a very independent woman who spent her days getting things done for herself and for others. She has continued to keep her stength through this transition, and because of that we were all able to see Barb's independence come back when she bravely jumped. It was wonderful to see independent Barb and know that she is not lost.

If you feel as passionate about bringing more awareness to this disease please take time to donate whatever you can. Barb is very greatful for your support!

Much Care,

Barb and her family. :)


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