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Anything for Alzheimer's Unique Event

Geri-Arctics Ellesmere Island Expedition 2019

We, the Geri-Arctics, are seven adventurous friends aged between 64-74 years. We have trekked the coasts of England and Wales and have paddled the coast of B.C. in a 37' voyageur canoe. We are Chris (leader), Nancy, Richard, Susan, Sandy, and Alice and Fred. Some of us, including Fred, are former mountaineers.

Fred has Alzheimer's. This is an everyday journey that he and Alice are travelling, quite different from the wilderness adventures that have enriched their lives. This journey is eased with the knowledge gained through the educational and support programs and services offered by the Alzheimer Society of B.C. and their wonderful, understanding staff. These include dementia education programs such as Shaping the Journey for those living with Alzheimer's and their caregivers, how to capture memories to retain a sense of personhood, and regular support group meetings. Alzheimer's sneaks up on a person, makes little attacks that finally cannot be ignored. The attacks and disabling are faster and stronger in some people than in others. We are fortunate that Fred is currently stable - so off we go on another wilderness adventure, this time to the Arctic.

Chris and Sandy are experienced Arctic adventureres. All team members are understanding and supportive of Fred's needs. We are booked to fly north from Ottawa to Resolute via Iqaluit on May 20th, 2019 then on to southern Ellesmere Island by charter plane, returning about June 20th. We will ski/snowshoe/hike for a planned 150 km around Makinson Inlet, latitude ~77 degrees north. We want to have fun while experiencing the high Arctic environment in its springtime glory. The challenges of this journey will, to some extent, mirror the challenges of living with Alzheimer's.

We also want to raise awareness about, and funds for, programs and services offered by the Alzheimer Society of B.C. Beginning in October 2019, we will be doing public presentations about our adventures at various libraries and seniors centres in the Lower Mainland. We plan to have souvenir t-shirts for sale with all proceeds going to the Alzheimer Society. Our preparations are underway. We invite you to donate to the Society through this page and watch for updates.

Update May 1st: Preparations are almost complete - the excitement mounts! Our 16 boxes of food are awaiting us in the hamlet of Resolute Bay, as are our skis, snowshoes and a few space-filling items. What remains is to squeeze everything else into accompanying baggage. A speaking schedule will be posted here in July.

(Logo: John Dunn)

Trip Updates 

June 10, 2019 

GeriArctictcs enjoy sunny warm rest day with short hike on hill. Wildlife scarce. Likely remaining here tomorrow.

June 12, 2019

GeriArctictcs are fine. It has been a wet day, & we look forward with less than eager anticipation to a similar day Thursday.

June 14, 2019

In addition to frolicking unicorns we today saw the local muskox who have been leaving all the tracks & poo. Five muskox. Did not get close enuf 4 intrvu

June 15, 2019

Hi all. GeriArctics all fine & well fed. Held in place by wind. Becoming quite attached to Tern Cove. Morning was over to our chosen airstrip for paving.

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