Climb for Alzheimer's

Team Fretch!

We first met three years ago, through our workplace at the Alzheimer Society of B.C. As an Aussie and a Brit having recently having arrived in Canada, we quickly bonded over dry humour, not understanding what a "toque" and “double double” were, and the wonders of yeast extract (but let’s not get into the Vegemite versus Marmite debate…) And, as recent transplants — we both really needed friends!

It’s something we haven’t shared often, but, in late 2015, we were in a car crash and have both struggled with the physical and emotional results of it. Without going into an emotional or soppy spiel, after having a rough past year, we wanted prove that we can still climb mountains (both metaphorical and physical.)

We thought we could turn this into even more of a positive and raise money for a great cause! We are going to train together, fundraise together and even blog together.

We are excited and terrified at the same time!

You can also read our blog ( so you can join us on our progress (and by progress we mean speaking about every dog we meet...)

Thanks for your support.

xxo Team (Fre)tch.

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